Saturday, March 7, 2009

Forex Mini Accounts are Perfect for New Traders

With a Forex mini account you can expect low minimum deposits of as little as $100 which can usually be deposited through bank transfer or Credit Card, sometimes even Debit Cards which is obviously very advantageous.The idea of a Forex mini account is that it allows a new trader to get started in currency trading with small amounts until they gain the confidence, experience and profits to be able to tackle a professional account and make the really big money.To help you do this many mini accounts come packaged with a variety of support tools from simple charting right through to personal 1 to 1 tuition. The software of the mini account is usually very easy to use since its main user is the inexperienced trader and there are usually measures in place to help you manage your trading and avoid any significant losses.A mini Forex account will still offer you good leverages (often up to 200:1) and competitive pip spreads (3-5 is the typical) so you can still make big profits while you learn the fundamentals of trading and work on developing your own Forex strategy.

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