Sunday, March 8, 2009

24 Hour Access to the World

Select the forex market, select the time, and start trading. The massive liquidity of forex, combined with a true 24-hour forex market that's traded 5.5 days a week, offers you exceptional independence and forex currency trading when you want to, not when the market wants you to. The forex market literally follows the sun around the world, moving from major banking and financial centers of the United States to Australia and New Zealand to the Far East, to Europe and finally back to the United States.
During each trading day, overall foreign currency trading volume is determined by what markets are open and the times each of these markets overlap one another. With each passing second, minute and hour, forex currency trading volume remains high, but peaks highest when the British, European and U.S. markets are open at the same time - from 1 p.m. GMT to 4 p.m. GMT. The volume of the Pacific Rim markets, such as Japan and Hong Kong, subsides compared to the crest of the U.S. market, but still offer the forex trader the ability to analyze the highly traded Pacific Rim currencies

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